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The Magic Sales Formula

Are you looking for a ‘silver bullet’* that will make your sales grow? And do you think Picturemedia might deliver this? We can do many things but a one size fits all solution that will grow your sales on its own is not one of them.

Here’s what we learned in over 30 years of selling photography and services to picturebuyers:

Most products don’t sell themselves and in order to be successful and beat the competition a business needs to match its passion with an ability to make all ingredients work together in order to provide a lasting, consistent and valuable client experience that grows revenues’

Sales contains a huge number of tasks that  have a relationship with each other, and with everything else going on in the business. A large number of seemingly insignificant decisions and small, incremental improvements lead to excellence and revenue growth. Any business expecting high growth will have to be prepared and capable to make these small improvements, make them quick and adapt even quicker when they don’t work. Here are some examples:

  • Call more clients’: This requires hiring the right people, get them trained up, have the right lists, have a basic client relationship system to capture data, have an incentive that rewards this behaviour, making sure that when clients convert the website works and presents them with relevant products and services.
  • ‘Visit more clients’: This requires a thorough knowledge of the database to ensure a good return on the time spend with the client, the right people to make the visits, presentation materials, specialized skills training and a thorough follow up process
  • ‘Send out emails’: This requires a segmentation of the database, a tailored message, on brand design, investment in an email program, knowledge of spam regulations, experience in effective titles and text and measurement tools to improve the next batch.

All of these things can be done without the criteria but the desired effect will be much lower while cost are the same. This is why Picturemedia believes in a step by step, integrated approach combined with a reasonable level of perseverance to see things through.

So no silver bullets here but a solid approach that enables companies to achieve sustained growth.

Your Picturemedia Ltd management team

*The expression ’Silver Bullet’ refers ’to any straightforward solution perceived to have extreme effectiveness’ (wikipedia). 

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